CompStak Enters Partnership with CORFAC International

April 07 - 2021

CompStak, a leading provider of commercial real estate comparable data and analysis, has entered into an industry provider partnership with CORFAC International. Using CompStak data, CORFAC members will be able to make informed decisions with access to detailed market trends and tenant transaction data. CompStak offers real-time market intelligence across any group of leases, sales, properties, or locations for critical leasing and sales metrics.

Joe Latina, 2021 president of CORFAC and principal of Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International, said, “CompStak has been my go-to service for good, reliable data and I recommend that everyone in the CORFAC network utilizes this great tool in order to get the comps they need, when they need them.”

At CompStak, CEO Michael Mandel said, “We’ve been honored to work with members of the CORFAC network since CompStak’s inception. We’re now very excited to grow our relationship with CORFAC and expand CompStak membership across the CORFAC member base. Access to industry-leading data and analytics allows CORFAC members to compete at the highest level.”

CORFAC members who take advantage of this partnership and provide third-party commercial real estate services will access 20 free trial comps on the CompStak Exchange platform. CORFAC professionals at investment firms and banks, who are new to the CompStak Enterprise platform will receive a seven-day free trial and 10% discount.


Analyst-reviewed data provides industry-leading accuracy

We go above and beyond to ensure the accuracy of our comps.

Trusted Sources - All of our comps come directly from commercial brokers and appraisers.

Analyst Review - Our analysts cross-check lease and sales comps details across multiple sources.

Community Regulation - Members receive more comps when they help us complete missing comp information.