Product Update: Announcing New Search Capabilities

May 24 - 2023

Optimized search functionalities are essential in delivering the great experience that you deserve. With that in mind, we improved our search capabilities to make it quicker, easier, and more efficient for you to find the exact comps you’re looking for.

An enhanced search experience to better match our impeccable data.

Here are the most recent and exciting new updates in your search experience :

  • Quickly find the data you’re looking for, regardless of the market selected: When you type in an address or a building name, you can directly navigate to it regardless of the market previously selected. For example, if your selected market is Los Angeles, CA, but the address typed is in New York, it will appear under “addresses in other markets” to save you time in switching between markets. Once you select the address or the building name, your market will be updated automatically based on where the chosen address is.

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  • Further curate your search with new property filters: We added new property filters under the leases and sales tabs. You’re now able to filter by building size, number of floors, and year built - to provide you with a more curated search experience.


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  • Seamlessly review leases within CompStak's competitive set: You can now directly navigate to a list of leases within the competitive set for a subject property. Simply search for a property, then click the new "Generate Related Comps" button.

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Why it matters

We know our data is valuable, and we want you to have the best experience possible using it. With these newly added and improved capabilities, you get the opportunity to access our granular and high quality lease and sales comps faster and easier, to help you accurately guide your CRE decisions.


Analyst-reviewed data provides industry-leading accuracy

We go above and beyond to ensure the accuracy of our comps.

Trusted Sources - All of our comps come directly from commercial brokers and appraisers.

Analyst Review - Our analysts cross-check lease and sales comps details across multiple sources.

Community Regulation - Members receive more comps when they help us complete missing comp information.